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Le Zajal : c’est un poème chanté en langue dialectale, il est composé de trois volets : matla ( envoi), dawr (tour), qufl (fermeture) . Le terme zajal signifie émouvoir avec la voix, chanter .

Al Zajal is a popular levantine form of improvised poetry that is recited in song. A typical zajal party consists of two rival "teams" facing each other over a meza, having arguments through poetry.

Zajal is usually performed by a singer who makes up the songs on the spot. Those singers (singular is zajjal) are professional singers / Poets where people usually invite them to sing in weddings. The audience will recite (repeat) after the singer during the song.
This popular form of poetry (Zajal) is indicative of high cultural form of art,
where poets enter into a witty dialogue of improvised verse.

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